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Koekoe Farm Fruits &vegetables Wine vineyard

The purpose of this business plan is to raise USD20 ,000,000Million is to buy an existing farm for the development of a winery and vineyard while showcasing the expected financials and operations

Our Company is a private company located in the Western Cape. An existing vineyard and winery will be acquired and controlled under new management with a new name and branding. The site is one of the densest and wealthiest markets in the nation.

Our Company is a new start-up business of upscale proportions which will lead to the formation of new communities in the surrounding neighborhoods’, including stores and services. The farm will therefore
create a thriving economic environment and grow the larger economy of the country.

As the population growth continues, opportunities will arise for retail to accommodate this growth and capitalize on the emerging trend.

The objective of the farm will be to lead a full-service of fine wines and spirits in the city of Cape Tow

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Blue Downs, South Africa
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