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Our services are ideal for businesses that have an online presence and are looking to increase website traffic thereby increasing their business revenue as a result of increased web activity. If your business relies on e-commerce, online travel and hotel bookings, online car rental bookings, online ticketing or any other online sales business, get in touch with us and we will provide expert web analytics that will increase your customer base. Our expert analysts are proficient in web analytics tools, email marketing tools, search engine optimization techniques and social media analytics. Not only will we provide you with the website data of how your website is performing, but also produce a well explained report that will provide marketing insights and assist your internal marketing team or board to channel their expenditure and effort towards the most profitable campaigns.

Stage Unknown EST June 2017
Sectors Computer software, E-commerce, Internet
Location Lusaka, Zambia
Markets Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia
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