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Kiwa Clean affordable food for all communities and future generations


Omar Badran CEO (Chief Executive): Omar holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has over 10 years of experience in Project Management & Engineering. Omar has worked in the Oil & Gas sector for most of his early career. Omar is now a full-time entrepreneur; he founded 3 companies in the fields of Agriculture, Sports and Digital Media since 2016, in which his role was either the CEO or COO of the company giving him a broad exposure in founding and managing different business functions.

Khaled Sherif COO (Chief Operations): Khaled holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Accounting. Khaled is passionate about technology and computer science, and shifted his career to become a software application developer. This shift was made through self-studying a professional programming track by Microsoft. Khaled also designs and builds prototypes to provide solutions in the field of eco-friendly technologies, new applications of sustainable ag