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Kirkwood Think Global, Act Local

Kirkwood is primarily concerned with recycling of plastic. The resources that are recovered are obtained from plastic that would be destined either for landfill or incineration. The objective of Kirkwood is to convert plastic into four outputs. The first output is the base chemicals which constitute plastic i.e. benzene, toluene and xylenes which can then be used in the manufacture of new plastics. The second outputs are the precious metals that can be harvested from waste electronic and electrical devices (WEEE). The plastic casings from the WEEE would not go to waste but rather the casings can then be combined with a silicon source to produce Silicon Carbide (SiC) which has numerous applications namely in high performance parts, terahertz devices and aerospace. The metals include copper-tin alloys and silver to name a few. Lastly, the plastics that are difficult to process will be melted at low temperatures to produce plastic 3D printer filament which can then be used to produce a v

Sectors Waste management and recycling
Location Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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