Kip Tik Artisanal Design Studio

Kip Tik has as its main philosophy innovation through craft techniques seeing its potential beyond the traditional.

Our work focuses on opening trade routes to make known the products elaborated in the with groups of artisans, as well as to promote the Mexican artisanal techniques and to position the artisan products with the quality, innovation and design sufficient to access a high level market and thus we seek to generate a common discourse between Artisan-Kip Tik-Customer. We have two production lines: * Design and Development of custom product for other brands and designers. * Product development brand Kip Tik, available for retail and wholesale.

In 5 lines: Interior, Table, Fashion, Accessories, Applications. Working in 4 techniques mainly: waist loom, pedal loom, embroidery, cesteria.

To date we collaborate with around 350 artisans in 4 states, with commercial presence in 5 countries.

Sectors Clothing and textiles production
Location Guadalupe, Mexico
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