King Cartridge World Recycling of inkjet and toner cartridges

King cartridge World aims at reducing the cost of toner and inkjet cartridges while preserving and sustaining the environment by recycling already used OEM toner and ink cartridges.
This will be a friendlier option for disposal that will benefit both the environment and customers by providing an alternative to the excessive cost of OEM cartridges that often cost more than the printer itself.

Consumable products such as toner cartridges are on high demand in every office for printing purpose. The societal problem being faced today is the associated high cost of these products. Conversely, used inkjet and toner cartridges are thrown away everyday thereby causing a hazard to the environment amidst overwhelming campaigns to embrace practice of green environment.
My startup is thus, meant to address both the cost and environmental degradation problems by recycling all discarded toner cartridges, repackaging, rebranding them and supplying the market at a lesser cost compared to the OEMs.

Stage Unknown EST December 2016
SectorsClean technology and energy, ICT, Waste management and recycling
LocationLusaka, Zambia
MarketsBotswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa
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