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KILUMBA FASHION The Modern Way of Wearing



Welcome to KILUMBA (beautiful woman), an African inspired fashion brand of choice, symbol of quality, style and comfort internationally. The first ready-to-wear and accessories brand of African origin and Lusophone and international coverage. African fashion has been gaining notoriety over the years. To speak of an Afrofashion is to try to synthesize part of a very rich and vast culture.

Some of the most internationally acclaimed African (or decent) designers, such as: Stella Jean, Taibo Bacar, David Tlale, and others still belong to the “fashion designers” branch, i.e., the category of high-fashion and luxury clothing. KILUMBA is presented as a solution/reference in the market initially African as one day ZARA was (initially in Europe and later internationally), presenting designer clothing exclusive and modern fashion trendy but at affordable prices. The goal is to disseminate mentality that “there is no African fashion but rather fashion made by Africans to the world”.

SectorsClothing and textiles, Clothing and textiles production, Fashion
LocationLuanda, Angola
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