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Through reliable, and continuous farm insights, farmers are able to make concrete decisions on-farm inputs including the ratio of fertilizers(mostly organic). Over the period we’ve been in existence, we’ve realized that details matter and contribute to the overall output and produce from the farm. We, therefore, conduct farm monitoring activities and keep farmers up to date. Our information is comprehensive. We also work with providers of farm inputs to help farmers in areas we don’t have expertise in.
By maximizing farm value through real-time data-driven insights, there is a direct increase in the amount of food produced by farmers, moving away from farming as a way of life to engaging in farming as a business. This indirectly tries to solve the challenge of food insecurity. Our innovation helps farmers in making better decisions, prepare in time and reduce post-harvest losses. This ensures an increase in health conditions as farm produce is healthier and nutritious

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech
LocationEldoret, Kenya
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