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Kigali Keys

Kigali Keys

We want to become the only existing piano manufacturer in Africa.

Since the Dietmann company closed in 1989, there hasn’t been a piano manufacturer in Africa. There is a growing middle class in Africa with the money to buy instruments. A real hunger for live music is developing, with music venues and schools opening up. Yet their only option is to import a piano, usually from China or Korea. These instruments are usually sold at high prices to cover import duty, often with universal strings and plastic casing.

We want to put the beauty back into music. Our aim is to build quality upright pianos that represent the country of their birth, using local wood, igitenge fabric and imigongo patterns. To begin with, we want to build upright pianos that play well and are affordable to more people.

Stage Unknown EST March 2017
Sectors Import and export, Manufacturing
Location Kigali, Rwanda
Markets Rwanda, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
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