Khdemti freelance,freelancer,khdemti,projects,missions is a platform for setting up contact with freelancers and freelancers with companies wishing to realize projects with the best quality / price ratio. selects freelances and freelancers for your business at a few hours, and automates administrative procedures. allows the best freelancers and freelancers to work in high quality companies, in addition to a main activity, in a flexible and well paid way.

– Khdemti has become the number one freelance platform in North Africa in terms of numbers (visits, registrations, missions, etc.).

– We count with this new version of launcher in the international market and be among the leaders in this field.

– Khdemti has won several national awards. (Orange Social Entrepreneur, Bigbooster)

Stage Growth stage EST September 2016
Sectors Business services
Location Casablanca, Morocco
Markets Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
Customer model B2B, B2C
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