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Khathini global trade and architecture pty(Ltd) We biuld with strength to create opportunities

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Kgtarchitecture pty(Ltd) is a construction and architectural company, aiming to innovate, biuld, and invest in commercial, residential and industrial buildings to create more job opportunities and to biuld a better South Africa. We biuld with strength to create opportunities. It is a private sector initiated by one director in May, 2020. So far it been ran by a diractor looking forward for a great hardworking team and advisors. Most graduate, mostly science, youth in our country are not working. Kgtarchitecture pty(Ltd) brings solution in innovating more laboratories in south africa, foreign campaigns for graduates. Our market size includes investors, fundraising and clients. So far the company collaborated once for house design of a client in November, 2020. Our lifetime investments, like from university laboratories, schools, hotels, real estates, and residential properties will generate a positive revenue. The company is aiming to raise R30 million to cover startup costs.

SectorsConstruction, Construction and manufacturing, Manufacturing
LocationPietermaritzburg, South Africa
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