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Kernelinc Resources we harvest, process and package 100% unadulterated palm oil.

We are an integrated palm oil processing company, located in Abia State. We process palm bunches into quality palm oil and kernel nuts. we exist to promote a greener image of the palm oil industry.
In an unregulated market that allows the proliferation of adulterated palm oil that is injurious to health, we aim to curb adulteration with our KR FOODS palm oil that is unadulterated, processed and packaged in a hygienic environment, with a tamper proof seal and a unique QR code and offered at disruptive market prices targeting the price conscious but health seeking teeming masses.
We leverage technology to contribute to food security, development of the rural economy and climate smart processing.
All forms of waste associated with our processing is reduced, reused and recycled to either generate energy to power the mill or as an bio-fertilizer for organic farming.
We market our products through a combination of modern and traditional channels targeting retail store and direct consu

SectorsAgribusiness, Agrichemicals, Waste management and recycling
LocationUzaku, Nigeria
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