KENNINVEST UGANDA LIMITED Low to High voltage (12v-125v) Solar Home Systems  Pay As You Go

Kenninvest Uganda Limited is an energy services company legally registered in Kampala Uganda. We are partnering with Solar Ic the manufacturer of a high voltage (125v) Solar PayGo Home System that will be able to be installed at longer distances than conventional systems, uses thinner wires at reduced costs, uses original phone chargers and therefore prolongs life of phone battery, has 3 point power extension cable and therefore able to support other high voltage home appliances as long as they are within lower wattage. System can be used for phone charging business and light hour rental for owners thereby increasing income for the owners.We are looking to Import from Manufacturing partner, distribute and service the products in Ugandan market and later to other countries in need.

Stage Unknown EST December 2012
Sectors Renewable energy
Location Kampala, Uganda
Markets Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda
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