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Kazipal Outsource local tasks from locals around you and making lives better.

Kazipal let’s clients outsource local tasks and services from locals around them who want to work and earn money, from simple as cleaning to complicated ones as handyman jobs.
Most clients have challenges during outsourcing of tasks around pricing, quality and convenience due to lateness or unavailability of a tradesman. Most tradespeople as well face challenges in getting jobs mostly after relocating.
Kazipal let’s you save money if outsourcing, make money if working, get value for money via quality services and an easy way of outsourcing.
70%(8M) of Kenyans as well as other nations, are in the informal sector and 15%(more than 1M people) are in the service sector around cleaning,construction, plumbing and other handy jobs.
With our competent team and major investments around user acquisition,product development and growth we target 20% of this huge market i.e 200K users in the next 4 years with a business model of 10% of each transaction translating to huge profit margins.

Sectors Big data, E-commerce, Online analytics
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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