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Kanie Supply and Distribution Chain Where innovation and creativity meet to add value to every project

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Namibia has a subtropical desert climate and consequently is characterized by low rainfall and low humidity, as well as temperatures that vary greatly between day and night time. All these factors combined greatly hinder productivity in the agricultural sector.

Through engineering, materials science and effective manipulation of appropriate technologies, we seek to provide ingenious, unique and use case designs of controlled farming infrastructure. Through the utilization of locally sourced materials, and readily available resources such as solar energy we can equip individuals with sustainable and resilient agricultural schemes, regardless of the size of the landholding.

The automated systems will reuse water, which is a very scarce and esteemed resource in Namibia, lessen exposure to chemicals and disease, and allow all year round production. Through strategic partnerships, we will be able to facilitate for and manage routine and periodic mainten

Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology and energy, ICT, Retail and wholesale, Transport and logistics
Location Namibia
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