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Kamba fashion designs Kamba designs is a clothing brand for women


We have a head designer, founder and Tailor who also comes us with the designs ,handles all the finances and pays salaries.
Has a degree in real estate management from the university of lusaka and a 3month tailoring certificate from teveta.8 year of sewing and business experince
Assitant designer who assists the head designer with sewing, taking measurements and purchasing of materials. just completed her grade 12.
1 year sewing experience.
Social media marketer who handles advertisements on social media. She is currently persuing her degree in medicine at CBU.3rd year with a background in marketing. we have had 1 year team experience Working as a team.
Total of 3.
As a team we value our customer. We always want to make sure they are satisfied with their purchase.We also ensure that we keep our time and deliver in time.We are honest and always keep our word. If there are any hiccups we are quick to inform our clients.
Most importantly we love to build relationships with our cli