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KALYS KALYS is an online shop selling decorative objects made by craftsmen

KALYS concept is about creating a bridge between ancestral know-how and a large market.
We select the best craftsmen from different regions in the country in order to get beauteous decorative objects while still revisiting the designs. And through our online sales site, we give them great visibility with a quick access to visitors by managing a buffer inventory.
The more our sales’ volume increases, the more we are able to secure high and sustained revenues nearby our partner craftsmen.
We open our own online store in September 2018 for the Tunisian market;
Since then, we have count more than 500 orders, 290 customers and created 15 jobs with our partner craftsmen along with 3 internal employments in our team.
We have been working ever since on improving our sales in the Tunisian market. We are also planning on penetrating the international market in 2020. We will begin with the European market as a starter, and then, the Mena region and the US market in 2021.

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