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Kalgani & Doline ltd Have you had your Fresh Press today?

We produce organic, nourishing freshly pressed juices and plant milks for health conscious individuals. Changing eating habits are trending towards more health informed consumption for healthier lifestyles. The global cold press juice market is forecasted to grow from $492million in 2019 to $845 million within the next 5 years by 2024. Africa is geographically advantageous in providing access to a supply of a wide variety of grains, fruits and vegetables. Our production plant on Dar es Salaam is well placed to take advantage of a portion of the 2.7million tonnes of fruit produced annually in Tanzania only 4% of which is processed, showing the amazing potential for production and exportation. In Malawi we take advantage of the grain production particularly soy, peanut, hemp seed and rice which are mostly exported as raw materials.

Sectors Food and beverage, Hospitality, Tourism
Location Lilongwe, Malawi
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