Kaafi Horn Renewable Energy Company Doing green lucrative Business by preserving the Environment

The company commercializes the Renewable Energy Components and systems which consist of all the solutions from environmentally friendly sources. The company supplies and installs the Commercial solar systems, Residential systems, Water pumping systems, Street lighting, PICO systems and small Solar Home Systems.
The company also initiated the BOSS (Business Opportunities with Solar Systems) concept in which Kaafi collaborates with the small business people in more than 50 villages with cooling, freezing, phone charging and light rental services.
The business has potential given the cost of electricity in Somaliland which is one of the highest in the world and the energy requirement of the rural area is increasing and the only source of energy on those remote areas is the renewable off-grid systems.
The Pay As You Go system would allow many people in the rural areas who lack the upfront funds to purchase the solar systems to have access to clean electricity.

SectorsRenewable energy
LocationHargeisa, Somalia
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