JV BIOTECH ENTERPRISES CO LTD Quality and Quantity and affordability

JV Biotech Enterprises Company Limited is the start-up manufacturing and processing company that involves in the production of starch and animal feed from cassava and manufacturing of bio-plastics (disposable food containers and biodegradable plastics bags from bio-molecules especially starch extracted from food wastes or wild plants. The company was established on 13 June 2016 after winning an Award provided by International Labour Organisation (ILO), National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) and EMBASSY of SWEDEN and become officially registered under the Companies Act, 2002 on 7 December 2016. The company has two shareholders.
To provide preeminent products and services to clients by power of in-holding innovation, passion and integrity. The clients’ satisfaction is our man focus, reached through innovative and cost effective products and services.
To be a domicile and world-class leading manufacturing and processing company and Value adding unit .