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JUSTSTORES technologies Juststores is an on demand groceries & fresh produce delivery platform

JUSTSTORES technologies

JUSTSTORES technologies

An online groceries and fresh produce delivery platform.

We are creating an online presence for groceries stores, Supermarkets and fresh Farm produce.Whereby customers can shop from their favorite stores and independent shoppers delivers there orders within 90minutes or at a stipulated time.

The prenenial traffic Gridlock coupled with the hustle and bustle of the city like Lagos. Likewise the same stress nursing mothers career women, Bachelors,tech savvy youths,the aged and physically challenged
Encounter when buying groceries and fresh produce from the stores and marketplace.

A Nigerian spends and average of 30hours weekly in traffic.

The pandemic led to the shutdown and restriction of people by most Countries.Whic made many groceries stores, retailers and Supermarket struggled in sales due to there lack off online presence..
It lead to a quick adaption and in growth of the e-commerce industry with a quarterly growth of 14.5%.

Sectors E-commerce
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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