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Justice Chatbot Automation for fast and efficient service delivery

85% of consumers stick to 5 apps from which they mainly use social chat platforms.
Passenger Transporters, Restaurants, Retailers and Manufacturers, Government institutions, Cinemas processes to assist people and provide them with information take long.

Our solution is to make and operates highly customized and ready to use AI-powered ChatBots (“automated support agents”) that integrate with several communication channels: Website, Messenger, Facebook, USSD, SMS, Google Assistant, WhatsApp, Email, Twitter to assist customers in specific tasks like: Providing access to Justice, Booking, Buying tickets and products, Broadcast message to customers, Checking available, Order product, Finding Rentals and others.

Secteurs Commerce électronique, Services juridiques, Biens immobiliers
Emplacement Kampala, Ouganda
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