Just Fruit and Veg Eats in Fruits and Veg restaurant, making of fruit juice and smoothies

My city is littered with different types of Restaurants ranging from Food, Beer Parlour, to Barbeques shops and other fast food extensions but has no fruits restaurant. This proliferation of these types of restaurants continues unabated despite the hazards associated with drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking. The same goes for food restaurants and barbeques that are serving food associated with cholesterol and glutamate that are harmful to our body system. Unfortunately and surprisingly the habit of eating fruits/ fruits juices which is considered healthier for body system is at ebb in the metropolis.
The need to create awareness of fruits relevance in peoples’ dietary culminated into the concept of establishing a fruit restaurant. The potential in fruit business can not be over-emphasize, right now there’s monopoly, making me the only one doing this and I also belive that “The ore people are beginning to understand the importance of healhty diet will culminate in big sales for us

Sectores Agroindustria, Alimentos y bebidas, Producción alimentaria
Ubicación Ilorin, Nigeria
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