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Juntas Peru SAC

In Juntas, we guide teenagers and early adulthood women to find the best way to experience a safe and comprehensive sexuality throughout their growth. This happens inside a virtual platform where we offer educational experiences which in our next stage, will incorporate a marketplace that will enable users to make better product choices and connect with low-cost telemedicine services in a timely manner to avoid menstrual or sexual health problems.

In our first stage, we have focused on becoming a trustmark in which women rely for companionship and answers to their main doubts. We have achieved this by creating a digital community of more than 60,000 people and providing educational products and services to individuals, more than 10 private companies’ employees, and neglected communities in Peru.

We envision, a world where the lack of access to sexual health and education is not a barrier for every girl’s growth.

Sectores Educación, Salud y derechos sexuales y reproductivos
Ubicación Lima, Perú
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