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I am into extraction of organic coconut oil, production of orange peel powder and packaging of turmeric.
My business has potential because people in the world over are steadily going back to the use of natural products which contain no chemical or inorganic additives.
Natural oils and products contain healing and restoration properties which are helpful to people in general and these 100% organic products can help to prevent cancer and other diseases.
Very recently, it has been observed after long periods of trial, that Coconut oil in particular helps to drastically reduce and in some cases, cure (when used consistently) Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
There are also live cases of coconut oil being used to reduce blood pressure and the effects of kidney stone.
I have clients who have used coconut oil to stop their ulcers as well.

This business has immeasurable potential.

Stage Unknown EST August 2012
LocationAbuja, Nigeria
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