JSIL Space Solutions Think Space, Thin JSIL

JSIL Space Solutions seeks to be a world class entity in providing cutting edge solutions to limited space problem in Africa and the world. We believe that we will achieve this by providing timely, high quality and affordable products that meet the needs of every client. JSIL has a vision to grow from a small sized to a medium sized organization in the next two years and a fully-fledged organization in the next five years. To achieve this we have an aim of accessing every possible market in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Sudan and Rwanda among many other markets, as our products are new in these markets. The business was established in November 2015. We provide products that optimize space use in an already space constrained environment, our products are but not limited to over the door shoe racks, toiletry racks, car organizers, wardrobe organizers, car boot organizer and we will continuously design more products as the need arises. The company envisions expanding to a team of 40- 50 employees by the end of year one and 80 by the end of year two (2017).