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Jooam Biogas Construction Hub Organization that recycles biodegradable waste to generate gas

Jooam Biogas Construction Hub is a recycling construction organization that focuses on the the recycling of biodegradable waste to generate pure methane gas which can be used for cooking and also generate organic fertilizers which can be be used by farmers for their farm plants. As it is been showed in research that 80% of the waste generated in Nigeria are biodegradable waste, that is why we decided to be to be an agent of change and also a problem solver. So with Jooam Biogas Construction hub, we construct digester and also help to install home – made Biogas in your home which is safer and does not react with Oxygen which makes it not inflammable. Jooam Biogas started in 2017, and we have been able to construct over 1000 home made Biogas to different Households, and also train over 7000 youths on how to construct a biogas plants. We believe we can do more and we are ready to do more.

Sectors Biofuels, Renewable energy, Waste management and recycling
Location Nigeria
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