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Vous êtes artiste ? ajoutez votre musique et vendez la par SMS, Mobile Money et carte bancaire partout dans le monde !

Posted by JokkoText - The Ultimate Music Service on Saturday, April 1, 2017

JokkoText pays music fans for sharing their favorite music and allows musicians to sign up, add, sell their music via SMS in 50 countries, mobile payment in Senegal and credit card everywhere in the world.

– When the “Rokki” formula is activated, the fan who shares the music receives 2% commission for each sale originated from the shared link .

– Fans can download entire albums in zip format

Artists can :

– Make music available for free download and allow those who still want to buy it to do so

– Upload their music directly online

– Receive donations

– View their sales statistics

– See which singles have sold the most

– Edit their informations

– Annotate their lyrics and make them available for free download

– Edit details on their singles or albums,

– Sell their singles and albums by SMS in more than 50 countries, by Orange Money SMS or Joni Joni in Senegal and by credit card anywhere in the world

– Refer to the Percentage Grid per Country

– Request payment of their receipts

– Thank their fans with a personalized message after every purchase

This app is therefore intended for artists and music lovers. Both can register.