JokkoSanté ehealth pharma circular economy mobile money community medicines

Do you have unused medecines at home? 

What if you could exchange for points and save up on your next prescription?

Our solution is a disruptive circular economy model in which medecine deposits in the digital community pharmacy are rewarded by points which can be used later to pay a new prescription.

Our members have an account linked to their mobile phone number. 

When after a treatment, they have unused unpackaged medecine remainings, they give to the nearest medical center affiliated to JokkoSanté. And they gain points according to the official price of the drugs (for example, 1USD = 1 point). Later, when they have a new prescription, instead of paying with money, they just pay with their accumulated points. 

​Members can also buy or share points online to help friends in need.   

For Private Sector, JokkoSanté is trustable platform to manage their Health CSR activities. They buy points online and target the beneficiairies according to the area, sex, age, etc… If someone benefit from these sponsored points, she/he receive a branded text message telling her/him ” your prescription has been paid by XXX Corporation”. The company has an account and can follow any dollar distributed. 

It’s important to note that all the transactions are performed in the medical centers and pharmacy and by certified professionals. We sign contracts with them and they use our platform.