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We are a Nigerian fintech startup, dedicated to providing relevant financial technology solutions for businesses and individuals in business. Tranzaact ( and Red Biller (, are however our very first set of innovations.

Tranzaact was built to solve the problems of payment and shipping faced in the e-commerce sector. The two currently adopted payment methods “pay on/before delivery” gives more power to either side: the former to the merchant, while the later to the customers. Thus, in many cases, either side takes decisions without the consent of the other, which often leads to financial losses.

Tranzaact is an e-commerce platform with a payment scheduler. For merchants, the cost of setting up an e-commerce website and maintaining it, including payment of bills such as domain, hosting and security, just to mention a few has been lifted off their shoulders. While for buyers, the fear of being duped via an online purchase has been brought to an end. A huge relief!

Red Biller on the other hand, is a payment platform where people receive payments from their customers, registration applicants, donors and more, as it was built to make payments easier, leveraging on both local and foreign reliable infrastructures. If you’re organizing an event and thus seeking payments from applicants, Red Biller got you covered. You also get to make bank transfers via the beneficiary’s phone number.

Stage Growth stage EST October 2018
Sectors Fintech
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model B2B2C
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