JOBJACK A marketplace for entry level jobs

JOBJACK is an online marketplace for entry-level jobs – any job not requiring a qualification.
With 1 billion entry-level job seekers worldwide and no one dominating the way LinkedIn dominates the skilled market – JOBJACK is filling a big gap.

Candidates looking for these jobs can create a profile and apply with one click – a x10 improvement. At the moment the status quo is to drop off paper CVs at local businesses hoping that these businesses are hiring. In South Africa alone, entry-level job seekers are wasting up to R40bil/year on printing and transport cost while job-searching. 

On the other side of the market businesses are sifting through boxes of paper CVs. We’re running multiple pilots with retailers and have one national roll-out in progress with one of Africa’s largest retailers. These retailers have thousands of unfilled positions, because they are unable to find relevant candidates. JOBJACK solves this problem with an automated B2B tech solution.

Stage Growth stage EST August 2017
Sectors HR and recruitment
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Markets Kenya, South Africa - in urban areas
Customer model B2B
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