JOBJACK A marketplace for entry level jobs

JOBJACK - Venture image

JOBJACK is an online marketplace for entry-level jobs – any job not requiring a qualification.
With 1 billion entry-level job seekers worldwide and no one dominating the way LinkedIn dominates the skilled market – JOBJACK is filling a big gap.

Candidates looking for these jobs can create a profile and apply with one click. At the moment the status quo is to drop off paper CVs at local businesses hoping that these businesses are hiring – a x10 improvement. In South Africa alone, entry-level job seekers are wasting up to R40bil/year on printing and transport cost while job-searching. 

On the other side of the market businesses are sifting through boxes of paper CVs. We’re running a pilot with one of Africa’s largest retailers and they alone have 2,000 unfilled positions, because they are unable to find relevant candidates.