JOBJACK A marketplace for entry level jobs

JOBJACK - Venture image

JOBJACK is a marketplace for entry level jobs. One place where all entry level jobs are available. From once-off waiters for a wedding and marshals for a marathon to cashiers and cleaners in a retail store. Any type of job not needing a qualification.

There are 3 billion people employed worldwide. A third of them do entry level jobs. No one dominated the entry level job space the way LinkedIn dominates the skilled space. We have launched a successful MVP, followed by a scalable version. JOBJACK is replacing “We’re hiring” posters in windows as well as paper CVs being dropped off at local businesses.

TEAM JOBJACK (We are 10) is generating revenue, and posting new jobs at our maximum capacity. We’ve hit 6,000+ users, 9,000+ job applications, 1,000+ people hired with a monthly job posting rate of 462 jobs between 2.5 dedicated salespeople. Our next step is further automation, growth and becoming Africa’s next unicorn.