JK-Elixir Brands Food and Beverages Well-refined beverage products with immense health benefits.

JK-Elixir Brands is a food and beverage company adopting e-commerce as one of its technological tools that produces unique wide variety of well refined products (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) of great taste, health benefits through an application of natural fruits/ingredients (orange, watermelon, pineapple, hibiscus sabdariffa etc) grown in Nigeria and Africa.

Our vision: To become the leading Food and Beverage brand in Africa. Coverage and high markets share in at least 5 African countries in 10 years.
Our mission: To provide wide variety of well refined products with exciting market promotion and strategy to delight our customers in Nigeria and across Africa.

Products: 100% Fruit Juice, Date seed drink, Red wine made from Hib Juice, Hib-Tea bag etc
Problems Solved: Poverty, hunger & unemployment, mass importation of beverage products, poor usage/wastage of agricultural produce, saturation of unhealthy drinks, improve the way Nigerians and Africans perceive their locally made products. etc
Business Model: Direct Sales and via Distributors and Partners, E-commerce site Revenue through online orders & adverts, Logistics i.e. revenue through product delivery.
Potential: increasingly large Population, increase demand for beverage products because of festive seasons, Growing rate of urbanization, Growing rate of health consciousness etc
customers: hotels, large organizations, schools, retail stores or outlets, restaurants, clubs etc

Stage Unknown EST March 2017
Sectors E-commerce, Food and beverage
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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