Jiwo Paro CBO Winning The Future

Jiwo Paro is a social enterprise based in Kisumu county with a mission to enable rural Kenyan youth and women to achieve economic independence. This, we do through providing 2 months of vocational training to equip them with work-readiness skills which they need to secure gainful employment. We also provide low interest loans, and working tools to 40 % of our beneficiaries to enable them to start their own businesses. None of the loans require collateral. Further, we facilitate post placement support to 10% of our beneficiaries from the local business community. Slightly above 10% of our beneficiaries join formal technical training centres to further their education

Our primary market is under(unemployed) youth and women with strong passion for business and are concerned about the excluion by financial service providers and the high costs of formal vocational institutions. They come to us because we provide tuition-free vocational training on work readiness competencies.

Stage Unknown EST January 2016
Sectors Financial services
Location Muhoroni, Kenya
Markets Kenya
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