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Jinja Organic Company ltd Banking and agri business/clean energy

Our businesses moves in four activities mainly. that is to say banking, farming, bio gas plants and research and development. we develop this activities with the community and the local people and our final products benefit, the poor, local government where we live , the national economy and the company it selves and we believe we we are empowered we can change our business styles better and maximum development can be achieved in minimal time and productivity. we have wider range of business management and qualified staff which work with minimum super vision and always respect there leaders at all times and able to run new ideas and technology hence embarrassing world business challenges.The company also protect the climate and environment where we live and improves also on the health of the people within the community, raising of there well fares and income generally.
We have also develop start up company over 100 in eastern Uganda and they are based and operating in mobile banking.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
Location Uganda
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