The COVID-19 lock down has affected many businesses and has kept many families indoors for a long time to come. As a result, the difficulty in accessing sustainable supply of fresh groceries and the scare of visiting the general open market (even after the lock down) will limit access to safe nutrition for homes and families due to a lack of sustained supply of these fresh produce leading to a rising cost of items.
Therefore leveraging technology, and robust supply chain optimization will assure sustainable supply at a cost-effective rate, resulting in affordable quality and safe nutrition.
FOODCREST’S supply-chain-optimization strategy will ensure a sustained supply of groceries and fresh farm produce thus ensuring the availability of safe nutrition for homes and families during this COVID-19 and the aftermath..
FOODCREST is leveraging Technology, supply chain and logistics to provide easy access to affordable quality, and safe nutrition to homes, and businesses.

Stage Startup stage EST January 2017
Sectors Food and beverage, Food production, Logistics
Location Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Markets Ghana, Nigeria - in urban areas
Customer model B2B2C
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