Jet Tech Company An E-hailing Business

I have developed a mobile taxi app, that will provide affordable Transportation services to rides. I charge the Driver after every successful trip a flat rate of N50 (fifty naira) as commission, not withstanding the amount they make per trip, instead of the regular 25% or 15% commission. Theres an insurance cover for all rides ,no surge pricing during peak periods. My business has potential because we have developed this app to solve the problem of excess transportation fare and high commission from the drivers. The Driver at the end of every trip makes more money and also the rider pays less fare. An example is a rider paying 5000 at the end of a trip while 25% is been deducted from the driver, the drivers takes N3750 as his share. But for JETRIDE, we charge the rider N4450 instead of N5000, then the driver take home N4400 after we remove our commission of N50, thereby making both parties Satisfied with less fare for the Riders and less Commission for the drivers.

Sectors Personal transport, Public transport, Transport and logistics
Location Iponri, Nigeria
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