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JEKSUME RESOURCES COMPANY NIGERIA We plan to become the major processor of Cassava in the World

JEKSUME RESOURCES COMPANY NIGERIA is a Cassava Processing business actually going into the production of hygienically processed clean garri, fufu, tapioca, flour, starch, adhesive, chips and pellets.
Problems identified:-
1. The cassava is processed under unfavourable working environments/conditions that makes the products to be contaminated with sand, moisture and other impurities that are carcinogenic in nature and reduces the shelf life.
2. We have so much cassava but very few processors available
3. The high rate of hunger and cost of garri, fufu, tapioca etc
4. The drudgery and tedious nature in manual processing of cassava
5. The production methods are primarily subsistence in nature and unable to support industrial level demands
6. The inactive participation of Nigeria in the international cassava market trade
7. High unemployment rate is alarming
1. Our products will be hygienically processed, cleaned, devoid of sand, moisture and other contaminants to ex

Sectors Crop farming, Farm machinery, Food production
Location off Akai Effa Road, Nigeria
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