Jeisjosh Pharma and Foods Limited We provide pharmaceutical services in drugs import and manufacture

We provide pharmaceutical services in drugs import, manufacturing and allied services. The basic corporate intention in the interim is to do structural but relevant importation of finished products, while appropriate structural bearings are put in place for a desired shift into manufacturing.
We observed, as it is evident, that wide markets for pharmaceuticals and foods, are spread out as retail & wholesale outlets in established locations and trading posts for monitoring and evaluation of activities by relevant Government agencies.
Operating a licensed pharmaceutical outlet, shops and administrative centres are few due to stringent conditions for administration of activities. Such outposts usually command confidence in the public since they are aware that only licensed professionals can play within that platform.

StageStartup stage EST August 2012
SectorsHealthcare providers and services, Pharmaceuticals, Sexual and reproductive health and rights
LocationAjah, Nigeria
Customer modelB2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, B2B2G, B2C, C2C, Governments (B2G)
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