Jaypam yoghurts We're solely into production of varieties of natural yoghurts

We did a survey in the northern part of Nigeria (Niger state to be precise), in January, 2021 , we met about 68 people who visited different eateries and restaurants. We gave them a choice of drinks they would love to have, ranging from soda drinks to fruit drinks to milk drinks to yoghurts.
About 61.7% of the people surveyed went for yoghurt while the remaining 38.3% went for other drinks.
Out of this 61.7%, We further asked if they would love to take natural yoghurt or yoghurts with already added preservatives, interestingly 100% went for the natural yoghurt.
Finally, we tried finding out challenges they could come across in getting such yoghurts, and 3 key factors were noted: availability in that locality, product safety and price tag. Over the months, we’ve been working tirelessly to make sure this product is readily available, safe and affordable. We’ve got great potential, having seen the recommendations we get from people and their unending patronage. We’re open for grants

SectorsConsumer non-durables, Food production
LocationMinna, Nigeria
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