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Jasmine ultra blue solutions Providing innovative health solutions

Jasmine Ultra Blue Solutions uses international best practice in proffering customized solutions to meet the unique needs of its Clients across every sphere and sector from Individuals to Families to Corporations. Our brand represents the epitome of quality and excellence in terms of wellness solutions and healthcare delivery packages.
JUBS as we are commonly called is a year and 3 months in business. It focuses on prevention, diagnosis and management of lifestyle diseases and all of our services and products were carefully designed to aid this practice in curtailing the prevalence of these lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle Diseases include Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and more.
According to Statistics by WHO , this diseases account for 29% of all deaths in Nigeria. Out of a population of 186,000,000 Nigerians in a research done by WHO in 2016, 2,128,000 died from these Lifestyle Diseases.

LocationLagos, Nigeria
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