Jalimi Farms and Foods Smart Farm Solution


Joseph Boima has more than 10 years work experience in agriculture and rural development
Zainab Jalloh is an experienced social worker who ensures the organization has a GESI orientation
Leonis has over 15 years experience working in the Main River Union region managing various projects.
Henrietta George-Williams is an environmental engineer who sees that the organization produces products that suit our customers pockets.
Telli Koroma is our Tech Guru who is helping to build our app.


  • Zainab Jalloh
    Zainab Jalloh
    Manager | University
  • Joseph Boima
    Joseph Boima
    COO | Master
  • Telli Koroma
    Telli Koroma
    CTO | Master
  • Seinya Amie Bakarr