Jalimi Farms and Foods Smart Farm Solution


Increase in productivity will dramatically improve food security as farmers produce more. Being able to reduce post-harvest losses will ensure that families will have food all year round.
An increase in income will enable smallholder farmers to diversify the diet and also to buy more nonfood items, and this will imply a greater dietary quality. For example, the smallholders who produce cash crops can increase their food security and nutrition, since commercial production is often associated with increased food production and higher incomes, allowing individuals and households greater access to nutritious foods. Economic growth from agriculture can also improve access to health care and education, either at the household or national level.
Our Climate Smart Agriculture orientation will help in management of healthy nutrient cycling of the soil by maintaining the balance of things elements like nitrogen, phosphorous, Carbon-nitrogen ratio and methane. This means the soil remains productive for this generation and those to follow. No groundwater pollution from pesticides and fertilizers, which ensures better drinking water for us and future generations.
Our platform will encourage and support women to earn more helping to bridge the economic divide. Working household head who are mainly male in our gender training will help men and women to see that having everyone involved in decision making processes will helps to improve family wellbeing.
We envisage that our platform will encourage more youths to enter into agriculture and this will help to create more than 1000 jobs.

Sustainable development goals