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Iyali Farm to door service to persons living in Nigeria's major cities



Iyali is helping to eliminate produce shopping time for people living in Lagos, Nigeria. We develop a strong relationship with farmers across Nigeria, and get their produce down to Lagos based on pre-orders by customers (Lagos residents) who must have ordered fresh produce through our website, our whatsapp number or via a phone call.

Our model makes it possible for us to have the same (and many times, lower) prices than most neighbourhood markets, reduce food wastage and deliver to people’s homes directly. More so, our team is very knowledgeable in food handling and the science of produce storage. Furthermore, we have developed a food tagging system that helps us know where every stalk of vegetable or tuber of yam supplied to us has come from, and who has/is bought/buying them.

Lagos is the most densely populated city in Nigeria, with a population of about 20 million people and the number keeps increasing. More so, it’s the economic capital of Nigeria and the wealthiest city by

SectorsAgribusiness, E-commerce, Food production
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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