IsiDuli Financial Solutions We provide rental rooms in the township leveraging Owner property

Problem – There is shortage of affordable rental space in the Cities and Homeowners in the Township cannot afford the capital required to develop units in their backyards.
Market – Tenants are affected as they end up renting unsafe structure in Owner backyards.
Solution – we provide an innovative credit solution & security structure to homeowners, relying on projected rentals for affordability. This makes our credit solution accessible even to unemployed owners.
Business Model – To deliver our solution we operate 3 value chains of the business. The lending business – to underwrite credit. The Project management business where we manage the building project and the property management project where we manage lease and rental collection for the duration of the credit.
Product – as a standard we build 4 rental rooms on each loan issue, for a period 5 – 10 years at 15%; and we make about 25% from project management with plans of monetizing the tenant market beyond rentals.

Sectors Construction, Financial services, Real estate
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
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