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Irrisol Engineering Ltd Precision irrigation

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I have developed a smart irrigation system that utilizes advanced sensors and data analytics to optimize water usage in the agriculture sector. With my innovation, farmers can monitor soil moisture levels, weather conditions, and crop water requirements in real-time. By accurately assessing the irrigation needs of each crop, I am able to provide precise watering schedules, reducing water wastage and promoting efficient irrigation practices. The impact of my innovation in the agriculture sector is significant. Firstly, it helps farmers conserve water by providing them with the information they need to apply water only when necessary. This not only reduces water usage but also lowers irrigation costs for farmers. Additionally, by preventing over-irrigation, my smart irrigation system helps prevent waterlogging and soil erosion, promoting healthier plant growth and reducing the risk of crop diseases.

Sectors Agribusiness, Construction and manufacturing, Water, sanitation and hygiene
Location Kasese, Uganda
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