IronWeaver Ltd. Reliable Valves, Made in Nigeria

IronWeaver is a new company that will manufacture and service industrial flow control equipment in Nigeria. Our products will deliver the functionality and reliability of world-class systems for applications in oil and gas, power, utilities, chemicals and other industries. The company’s unique market position, solutions-oriented business model and the expertise of its leadership sets it on the path to successfully enter the market for highly engineered flow control systems. IronWeaver will be the only local manufacturer of standard flow control systems in Nigeria. Our forecasts for strong adoption and revenue growth are based on:
a. Strong demand profile for valves. Nigeria imports $454M/year in valves. All valves are imports
b. Support from the Content Board; which specifies that 60% of project valves are local
c. Competitive pricing and delivery terms from our simple supply chain.

We are looking for VCs interested in companies like ours, for the equity piece of our startup fund.

Stage Unknown EST May 2016
LocationAbuja, Nigeria
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