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Inurcircle Xperiences Rebuilding & Reshaping communities


The core team is made up of a team of 3

My co-Founder, Lunga Tlou is a marketing executive in the finance sector. He’s responsible for curating & collaborating on the Musical aspects of the journey, as he’s also a skilled DJ, Producer and content creator. He also brings significant insight into the topics behind the workshops & contributor to the aesthetics of the brand.

Our team was grew with, Gratia Illbigazi, an Academic & Master’s Student studying Anthropology. She’s was a client who’d been apart of 2/3 of the Xperiences we’d facilitated over the 2019/20 period & enthusiastically requested to join the team to help develop & implement qualitative research methods to gain insights & contribute towards reports/articles.

I’m the Strategist, Chief Doer & User Xperience designer, with a background in Economics & Market research. I create, curate & find partners to collaborate on the different experiences.