IntuitiveCare We optimize and connect workflows.

Our apps automate healthcare’s most costly, high-volume tasks using advanced robotic process automation, and machine learning to optimize and connect workflows.

We automate healthcare-specific tasks with speed and ease, because our platform was designed from scratch to interact with multiple data sources including insurance portals and Hospital Information Systems, and deal adversities of information exchange among healthcare value chain organizations such as workflow interoperability deficiencies, vast variety of business rules, massive transaction volumes, high data granularity and more.

Health care organizations benefit from our apps by reducing work cycles and overhead and reducing leaking revenue: our platform handles the never-ending influx of repetitive workflows including insurance eligibility checks, claim processing, pending claim analysis and appeal, payment reconciliation and other time-consuming processes that may trouble health care organization’s peace of mind.

Stage Growth stage EST January 2017
Sectors Healthcare
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Markets Brazil
Customer model B2B
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