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InternWay is poised to be the leading organization in the West African Sub region to provide current students with internship opportunities outside of their own countries in other countries in the sub region. InternWay ‘s core mandate is twofold, firstly, it is to provide practical work experience and secondly, it is to provide language immersion and preparation to meet language requirements for further studies or work.
At InternWay , we believe all this is an essential step in Africa regional integration and will help to break language barriers, providing employment opportunities for bilingual speakers as well as contributing social and cultural appreciation, respect and understanding within the peoples of West Africa.
Taking into account a prospective student’s field of study, InternWay will match a student with a suitable firm making sure of an internship program has been created and that the student receives suitable English language instruction.

SectorsHR and recruitment, Tourism
LocationDakar, Senegal
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