Interaction development crowdfunding for infrastructural development

Interaction development is a social enterprise that is focused on creating digital content to promote Nigeria, leveraging technology for civic engagement, crowd funding, crowd sourcing to facilitate building, fixing and maintaining infrastructure for community good, economic development and empowerment.

The Team is comprised of professionals such as Lawyers, accountant, business development consultant who have diverse experience in Public sector, private sector and providing innovative solutions.
We are the solution for organizing the private and public sector through innovative form of collaboration / cooperation for infrastructural development in Nigeria
The product / solution
Mobile App / website that shares digital content on information in Nigeria and citizens/organizations can propose infrastructural projects that should be built, maintained or built in their community.
How it works
1. A Person /organization or even a government can post proposed project that will beneficial to the community on our online platform. This post could include pictures or videos or project plan
2. The project will be screened for approval using the following criteria;
a. The project should be for public good and not serve private interests
b. The person should be willing to promote the project for funding online and offline (initiators of viable projects will be duly recognised.)
3. Upon approval of the Project; cost for the project is estimated by team of experts and it 
Stage Unknown EST November 2015
Sectors Construction, E-commerce, Utilities
Location Abuja, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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